SmartTechnologies in Automobiles

SMART Robotic Technologies in Automobiles

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Automobiles Indutries has accepeted Smart Robotic Technologies better than others.

A lot of the futuristic technology we see in sci-fi movies is so amazing it’s hard to imagine that it may someday exist in our homes. In reality, it may exist already in some of the advance countries like japan and china. Modern and smart technology has advanced to the point where we can now control our TVs, lights and even our thermostats from our smartphone. To use all the application is just required smart phone or laptop and internet and this can be done with in second from any location in the world.

Advantages of Robots

  1. Cost will be most common reason for the success of Robots in future for grand success it should be affordable to very common people.
  2. Robots are becoming more and more intelligence by day passing, the day will come when robots will be very handy for writing or research matters thanks to machine learning and coding.
  3. Machine cannot get tired for long time which is required proper power and service can work day and night without long time rest.
  4. Robots are made of metal and fixed product and can be very accurate of their task compare to human body. The chance of making mistake is negligible and error free.
  5. Smart robots will be future in army every country wants to induct their army to save precious human life.
  6. Robots can be used where situation is termed as dangerous to human like Space, down in tunnel, hot atmosphere, desert etc.
  7. Robots are now being used in the chemical industry, Nuclear facility where machine can’t be affect by radiation compare to human body.
  8. There is no doubt that robots are significantly stronger and faster than humans. There is no doubt that robots are significantly stronger and faster than humans.
  9. Robots are programmed by a human; they cannot say no to anything and can be used on certain tasks 24 x 7 for any dangerous and unwanted work where humans may deny to offer their services.

Disadvantages of Robots

1. Where robots are increasing the efficiency in many businesses, they are also increasing the unemployment rate. Because of robots, human labour is no longer required in many factories and manufacturing plants.

2. Robots use huge power which will leads to high demands of electricity will need to burn focil fuel to achive the power requirement for robots in large scale.

3 Robots can certainly handle their prescribed tasks, but they typically cannot handle unexpected situations.

3. Profits and earning of companies may suffer if your operation relies on too many robots. They have higher expenses on services than humans, so at the end of the day you may not always achieve the desired Results.

4. Robots may have AI but they are certainly not as intelligent as humans. They can never improve their jobs outside the pre-defined programming tasks because they simply have limitations in self thinking process.

5. Robots installed in workplaces still require manual labour attached to them. Training those employees on how to work with the robots definitely has a lot of expenses to function smoothly.

6. Robots have no sense of emotions or conscience. They lack empathy and this is one major disadvantage of having an emotionless workplace.

7. Robots operate on the basis of information fed to them through a chip. If one thing goes wrong the entire company bears the loss.

Where a robot saves times, on the other hand it can also result in a lag. It is, after all, a machine so you cannot expect too much from them. If a robot malfunctions, you need extra time to fix it, which would require reprogramming.

If ultimately robots would do all the work, and the humans will just sit and monitor them, health hazards will increase rapidly. Obesity will be on top of the list.

So there are advantages, but there are disadvantages as well. It is the twenty first century and we cannot work without machines.

Humans are still considered far more efficient than robots when it comes to decision making powers, handling difficult situations, brainstorming, and generally bringing a sense of emotion and empathy into a workplace.

The utilization of robots will bring more technological advancements and profit to certain industries. However, according to the research, the most advanced robots will have the collective intelligence and wisdom of a lobotomized mentally challenged cockroach!

What can you expect out of a robot who has such a  small level of intelligence? Till the time the robots are unable to reach the level of human intelligence or to rationalize the situation, humans will still have a vital role in every workplace! Besides, you cannot rule out the significant role of humans in a business. After all, no machine can replace the human factor ‘real employees’ bring into a workplace.

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