Smart MI VIOMI V2 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Smart MI VIOMI V2 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

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Xiaomi is known for its smartphones in India, but in China, Xiaomi is also famous for many products such as TVs, washing machines, etc. The company also has a robot vacuum cleaner in the same product. It automatically cleanses the whole house. There are laser distance sensors and collision sensors in it. This cleaner is equipped with a 5200mAh battery, which gives back up to 2.5 hours of full charge. This robot vacuum can also operate from Mi’s Home app. It clears your room in a few minutes. Its price is about 22 thousand rupees In India it can be purchased from

How does it Work?

All smart bots it working feature one and same by the name itself, it’s a smart cleaning robot for a large household. It has a brush and which works effectively on hard and soft floors. It has many laser sensors which help to design a map of the house accordingly its save in memory and does its works smoothly. It’s so smart that once its battery goes below working then automatically search itself and get connected to charging port and it has also had 360 degrees of rotation option.

Sweeping and mopping function:  it comes with the 560ml water tank, which is enough to mopping at once, no need to add water during the cleaning time. Sweeping first and then mopping, cleaning the floor effectively. It might struggle with carpets, but there’s no denying that the Xiaomi Mi cleans up hardwood floors faster than most robots, It can be operated by Xiaomi apps remotely and very effectively.

Battery Backup.

As mentioned above 5200mah of battery capacity is quite enough for a medium size room. The battery capacity is good enough for at least 3 hrs of battery backup without any difficulties. Battery quality is very good but this cannot be found in any local market the only option is to import from China is a big challenge but company planning to sell from a local store as well.

Maintenance and Noise.

Maintenance of this smart boat is very low as all the parts are fixed and main parts are electronic so this doesn’t require maintenance.  Cleaning the filters regularly is only maintenance work is required to operate this robot. The noise of this bot is also very silent compared to other bots.

Some Limitation of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.

It has some limitation on cleaning human Hairs, the sensor is unable to clean human hairs as it’s a long and very thin. The people to keep cat, dog which has hair may find not very useful even difficulties in cleaning wet areas. there are 11 sensors available like Built-in gyroscope inertial navigation, to achieve accurate positioning, provide accurate azimuth level, position, speed and acceleration signals. The availability of parts and service centre in India is almost negligible.


The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner is another in the line of decent bots for your home. It will work independently and clean up your hardwood floors in no time. Despite its shortcomings, the Xiaomi Mi will leave you with a clean house and a smile on your face.

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