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Top 5 Safe Internet Browser

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  • Google Chrome – Most Popular Internet Browser in the World.

Google Chrome One of the most popular internet browsers right now in the world. Chrome popularity in both desktop version and a mobile version is very high compared to its competitors. due to Surge in Android mobile Chrome usage has increased drastically. Google Chrome always has the latest features before other browsers. Chrome has very minimal appearance With material design on top.  Chrome has some negative points when it comes to privacy, Google tracks and stores all the user’s information until the user delete manually. During testing, Chrome didn’t identify as many phishing schemes as Firefox, but it did stop malicious files, including ransomware and Trojans, from opening and infecting our computer.

Pros Cons
Excellent Speed Memory Hogging Browser
Google Doc Voice to text History of privacy violation
Latest Feature & Update Restrict youtube videos download
Huge Extension & Add ons High battery usage
  • Mozilla Firefox –  Most Popular In IT sectors.

Mozilla Firefox is the oldest among all the latest browsers Mozilla Firefox came in existence when only Internet Explorer what’s the king. Mozilla Foundation is an open-source platform with no profit – no loss module. But slowly Mozilla was started facing very tough competition from Google Chrome Opera etc.  the distance between Chrome and Mozilla became wider and wider day by day.   Google Chrome has used the latest technologies to enhance his browsers function. The year 2018  what’s the changing time for Firefox when they have launched they are much awaited Quantum engine. Quantum engine has drastically improved the speed of Firefox browser sometimes in testing it was ahead of Google Chrome. the Mozilla Browser it is very popular in tech people which provides grid control on add-ons and extensions.

Pros Cons
Excellent Speed Slow to latest technologies
Customised extensions bulky browsing experience
Open sources Premium version
Blocks ads Sometimes extension unresponsive
  • Opera Browser –  Popular choice among power users

Before Chrome, there were only two browsers which were most popular  Mozilla and  Internet Explorer. Opera browser is one of the most underrated browsers. Opera has all the required parameters to become most popular. Oprah has some limitation on its own extension but due to blink rendering and the JavaScript V8 engine, it can run all the Google Chrome extension with browsers easily. recently Chrome has given free VPN services to its customers and that also unlimited free. Opera has one unique feature called Turbo, which saves on load times and bandwidth by compressing web pages on Opera’s servers.

Pros Cons
Turbo feature speed Not having an extraordinary feature
Free Unlimited VPN Missing own extension
Social site sidebar Slower speed
Can be used chrome extension Slow VPN limited servers
  • Microsoft Edge-  Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft edge is born with a golden spoon in the mouth due to default application for Internet browsing in Windows 10. whatever the percentage of Microsoft edge is due to default prior installed In Windows machine. Microsoft is also planning to abandon this browser will launch chromium based browsers in 2019 or early years 2020.  when the switch happens edge will have similar underpinning to Chrome and Opera.  Microsoft launch edge Browser compared with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. despite the current shortcomings age has several features that may be helpful for many users. one note and Cortana are the features which Microsoft has in integrated into edge Browser which is very helpful for some users. Microsoft edge updates are very slow compared to its competitors But recently there updated features like auto fields clutter-free paintings and some new addins features.

Pros Cons
In build Browser Slow Speed of loading
Compatible to MS ecosystem Rare extension
Cortana Not getting Regular Update
Better than Internet Explorer Weak security

Brave Browser is one of the latest emerging internet browsers in the market. It has all the regular internet features to have in a normal Browser. the most popular feature is an adblocker which is an Inbuilt feature. Brave Browser claims that it is one of the fastest browsers testings.  brave browsers have all the features to become a very popular web browser. which has built-in adblocker, popup blockers, sync features etc. With so many advantages brave Browser has facing criticism for or paying money to users who click ads deliberately as per their norms. some users are complaining that brave browser is getting installed automatically in the system and not able to uninstall without formatting. this types of issues might dent future of  Brave browser.  In our testing brave Browser has surprised our auditors.

Pros Cons
Good Speed Unreliable
Default AdsBlocker Money in the form of BAT – Fraud
Script Blocker Unintentional installation
Blocking 3rd party cookies Buggy

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