Pixel 3A XL leaked images

Pixel 3A XL leaked images online

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Today internet has noticed that Pixel 3A XL photos circulating online on various news portals and websites. But checking these images it looks like original and genuine pixel phone. But why Google leaking their product before the official launching?

These are might be many reasons.

  • Creating a buzz in the market so that people should become curious to check their mobile and increase the sale.
  • The slowdown of their last mobile Pixel sale 3xl which Google have not earned much profit from pixel 3xl sale.
  • Overpriced pixel phone cost of pixel phone always in the premium segment which is competing to Samsung and Apple Phone. So they are coming with little cheaper this time as per leaks.

 Below is Tech Today posted images of the retail packaging of the non-XL Pixel 3A, which confirmed that it would have a 5.6-inch screen. They also claimed that the 64GB model of the Pixel 3A and the Pixel 3A XL would start at $399 and $479 respectively.

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