How to use smartphone smartly?

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Smart technologies should be used with Extra care which has internet access.

In today world smartphone is one of the essential commodity if human life Smartphone is the basic needs of each and every segment and services. Due to the rapid advance of computer technology in the last 50 years, your smartphone that fits in your pocket is more powerful than a government supercomputer which was made a few decades ago. Not only that, but your smartphone has access to all the technological marvels of the last 20 years. email, wireless Internet connectivity and social media. Smartphones have made the world a much smaller place and connected isolated parts of the world together.

Some of the Smart thinks Smartphone has achieved in recent past

  • MOBILE WALLET – Mobile Wallet has helped people to move out without taking cash in their pocket. This has made easy to purchase and pay their bills without any trouble. Due to demonetisation in India in recent past, this Mobiles has grown very fast and became a multi-billion business.
  • UNIVERSAL REMOTE – Can be used as Remote Control on various devices. A phone like Mi-Xiomi and Huwave have integrated successfully in their smartphone recently and gain huge success in the market.
  • BUSINESS CARD SCANNER –  This Feature has changed the marketing and business people who need to meet different people and get big no of visiting cards which is important contact points for the future. This feature helps to scan and maintains the business card holder in your pocket and that also smartly.
  • WI-FI HOTSPOT –  This feature has outplaced the Datacard card business, this features helps people to access their internet sharing from mobile devices to Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as computers and laptop and smart TVs.
  • WATCH LIVE TV –  This feature has changed the entire entertainment industries. people are so much busy in their routine where life is so fast that people not get enough time to watch TVs at home. This features help them a lot to watch Live TV Streaming and watch their favourite sports and entrainment contents on their smarts phone.
  • HEATH, FITNESS GUIDE – This feature helped fitness freak peoples to maintain and track their fitness regularly. 
  • HOME CONTROL – controlling your home’s light, Air conditioner, entertainment, security, etc., from your smartphone. But this is costly for the common person.
  • BARCODE & QR READER – Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error. A barcode scan is fast and reliable and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand

Every smart technology has its advantage and disadvantages and its social impact in life. You can do almost anything on a smartphone like a printout, remote access, play games and the Internet for entertainment, study and recreation, order products from E-commerce services, listen to music, watch movies, carry useful applications such as alarm clocks or banking apps, play games and so on. Your smartphone while not ideal for typing, but can perform all these roles smoothly. Computers aren’t going away anytime soon due to their superior performance, but smartphones will likely replace your desktop in the coming future.

Cheaper Internet and availability in remote areas also another important aspect which has lead to the enormous growth of smart technologies. without the internet, smart technology could not have been so much popular as of now. because without internet connectivity this smart technologies & smartphone would be like playing toys. Internet is and its speed is the backbone of any smart technology.

A smartphone is also a powerful tool of disseminating ideas, spurring political movements into action and encouraging conversation. For the last couple of years, smartphones have caused regime change in India where people have connected each other in 2012 and formed “Anti-corruption movement” lead by Shri Anna Hazare. The social media has provided a tremendous boost to this movement and that leads to the fall of Congress Government which was then lead by Mr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter puts tremendous pressure on corrupt politicians around the world and created political and social movements from a mere hashtag. The smartphone and the widespread acceptance of social media by the people of the world has given a voice to the young, the disillusioned and the powerless, fuelling democracy and social progress that would have been impossible to organise and act on when there was no smart technologies and smartphone.

There are some How to use Smartphone smartly else you may lose your valuable data sometimes money.

  • Always purchase your smartphone with reputed brands which do not have any Spamware and adware.
  • Always up to update your apps and firmware software.
  • Always use the Screen locks to lock your phone which safeguards the unwanted usage form unknown person.
  • Do not install the unwanted apps from third party’s apps store this is the main culprits leading to hacking and data theft.
  • Always format your Smart Phone every 6 months, this will remove any adware or any virus if present.
  • Do not use Antivirus in your Mobile Phone there are lots of apps google have recently removed from its play store due to adwares.
  • Do not Visit the Porn and unethical websites and do not install any apps as well. This may put you trouble in future.

Always Switch off Internet & Wi-Fi while going to sleep, this will not disturb your sleep and also Virus and Spamware get active when the phone is not in use


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