Speedometer Feature in Google Map

Google has rolled out Speedometer Feature in Google Map

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Your Google Map has become smarter now. Google has brought a new feature in Google Map called “speedometer” features.  this will enables you to know what is the speed of your car in real time. this is the additional feature to your old Google Map which can be enabled by visiting in setting menu and can be manually turned on. this feature in google map has rolled out to more than 40 countries which India is also included in that list. they have been testing this feature for 2 years and now they are confident and have been rolled out their users. Google Map is the most popular in India. People use this app regularly to search for their destination location and popularly used to detect the traffic in their journey. people use this app to avoid the traffic jams in their routes and this helps to choose the safer uncongested route.

Google India installed speed cameras in many cities of India, this Google Map features can save you from filling traffic police and fines. the new speed limit features give the information on the speed limit fixed on the way and speedometer will alert the driver on the same speed if the speed limit is violated. if the speedometer feature turned on the driving speed will appear on the left side of the Google Map screen.

when you are moving on the fast lane the indicator colour will turn red so that you can know the traffic rules are breaking by the drivers from the fixed limit. This app can be used properly when users having good internet speed else results can come in a little late on this app. in addition, the user can also manually report speed cameras on a mobile speed camera in the app. when the rest of the users are on the navigation, is speed camera icon will appear in place.

To enable this feature on android device, you first have to open Google map and go to the setting menu from there you go to navigation setting will get an option to turn speedometer on or off in driving option. by tapping also show on the plus icon created on the right side of the navigation page you can also report an accident or incident by tapping on the same icon.  earlier people were unaware to get the information about traffic caused by. but now another user can inform the Google map exact location to traffic. this feature is only available in the latest app to all user in India. this feature is still not available for iOS users hopefully the iOS user will get this update very soon.

Steps to Enable this Features.

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