Russsian FaceApp’s Privacy Policy is in question, user data can be used Anywhere?

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Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about the privacy of the worsened FaceApp and its associated users. In the last two-four days, there have been many such reports that claimed that the app working on artificial intelligence is not a good privacy policy and can threaten users’ security and privacy. It is being said that FaceApp can share the data of users with a third party. However, FaceAap said that the photos of the user were deleted automatically 48 hours after its server.

faceApp claims that no user data is “transferred to Russia”, even though its R&D team is based there. So the suggestion is that storage and cloud processing is being performed using infrastructure-based outside Russia. FaceAap uses AWS and Google Cloud for its processing and storage.

Similar to other apps, a privacy policy

With such news that Facebook has started worrying about its privacy, it has started worrying about its privacy. On the other hand, some internet experts believe that in terms of privacy, FaceAp is similar to the other apps present. French security researcher Eliot Anderson wrote on his Twitter handle, “Users are annoyed with the terms on the fashions rule, but most of the apps installed on the phone come with similar terms and conditions. If users read them once, they will immediately uninstall those applications. For example, it can be started with Snapchat.

Terms and Conditions Are

Face App Policy Before and After

The debate over this app started when some Android and iOS users looked at the condition given in the app, which states that FaceAaps users can use the photos uploaded on their platform anywhere.

Terms and condition on privacy are under severe doubt as User’s data may be used in many places recently google is also facing severe criticism over internet browsers which they are collecting unnecessary data of customers.

About this, Cyber ​​expert says that no such evidence has been received so far that it shows that Facebook has incorrectly misused the data of users. She further says, ‘App is being speculated only now. As far as the matter is concerned with the privacy of the app, it can be considered as the result of poor legal advice and draft where the company ignored the privacy. Also, according to the terms and conditions of the app, it takes a license to use the user’s data constantly in the world, there is nothing new in this. Many companies do this. Although it is definitely necessary that the other companies end up with the deletion of the license user’s account, there is no such thing in FaseAap for the time being.

Along with this, cyber expert says, “The company’s controversial licensing policy permits the face-to-face of users to use content and names of advertisements and other places which can be a matter of concern. Instagram can also use the content of its platform and there is not something weird about it. But in the case of FaceAap, users ‘names, usernames, profile pictures and content are used to create suspicion.

Conclusion – if anyway you want to use this apps then please keep in mind that someone is watching you and don’t save any private photo and data in these types of Applications.

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