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What is the best Smart Surveillance Cameras?

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Smart Surveillance CCTV Cameras

One of the most important qualities for any professional endeavour is a secure environment. Being able to monitor activity helps owners ensure their business stays safe. In today world Surveillance CCTV is a most required product to any business and smart homes. this is the most required product for a security issue in your home and business. Even police department have made to mandatory for society and business and bungalow to have smart surveillance to be installed immediately or they will not have entertained compliant related to theft matters.

Major Seller in Camera Surveillance in India is below.

1.            CpPlus

2.            Hikvision

3.            Dahua

4.            Panasonic

5.            Bosch Security Systems

6.            Honeywell

  • What are the tips of purchasing the surveillance camera for Home?
  1. High Definition: – A CCTV camera should be able to produce images and videos in 720 p and 1080 p resolution. Greater the resolution, better the quality of images but make sure you get higher storage capacity.
  2. Voice Recording: – Voice recording is a very good option to opt this is very helpful in some times.
  3. Online View: – make sure the camera to the camera should support the online view which is useful to the parent to track their child at home from outside.
  4. Night Vision: – This is an important feature to capture images even at night. With a night vision feature in your camera, you can clearly watch out for thieves even in the dark else no use in the night.
  5. Motion Detection: – This helps in detecting an unusual activity happening in your house or office in your absence. Motion detection also sets up an alarm and sends you signal through your phone this is a mainly inbuilt feature in all DVR.
  6. Weatherproof: – If you are setting up an outdoor camera then it has to be weather and waterproof and make sure you install in camera cabinet for the safety of joints and camera from sun and rain or snowfall in some countries.
  7. Storage Capacity: – In-build SD card is highly recommended so that all the images and videos can be stored for future reference also make higher capacity so that maximum no days backup is stored.
  • Set up and Warranty: – After buying a camera the most important step is installing the camera. Look out for instructions on manual or YouTube videos. Most of the companies also provide this service, while others leave the job in your hands. Only use the best service provider to your nearby location because maximum camera service providers are very poor after sales.
  • Warranty of a product is equally important as are the number of features it possesses and make sure the product is latest and it should not be old stock as the camera has also a pre-defined lifetime.
  1. Pan/Tilt: – This is another important feature in your camera which helps you to have a 360 degrees’ view of your surroundings. This is only recommended for business and cost is also very high.
  • What are the tips for purchasing the surveillance camera for office and enterprises?
  1. High-Resolution Camera: –  Most people use cell phones and camcorders and discuss megapixel and resolutions like a professional. However, when studying a set of CCTV cameras, you may encounter the term TVL or TV line. The higher the pixel, the better the image quality. Likewise, the more TV lines (depending on the size of the lens, the light, etc.), the better the quality of the CCTV camera
  2. Online View Resolution: – The camera captures images at a frame rate per second. The CIF resolution indicates how the DVR will record this image or image sequence. In emerging hard drives or hard drives, storage costs are high.
  3. All Weather Camera: –When buying a CCTV camera, you can consider the location of the camera. Some weatherproof cameras have a sealed glass enclosure to protect them from the environment. Another advantage of sealed waterproof cameras is that they prevent dust, dirt and moisture in large warehouses, storage facilities, factory interiors, car repair shops, and other enclosed spaces.
  4. View from Smart Phone: – As smartphones gradually respond to PC problems, it’s no surprise that security companies now provide wireless tracking via smartphones that support the network.  You do not need to download external applications or software for this purpose. Security Systems, which sells this CCTV package, offers these features at a reasonable price.
  5. Alarm system: -message or email, motion detection: – You can be buying CCTV camera to capture images, and CCTV cameras to add or purchase additional features called motion detection. In the latter case, only motion in front of the camera requires image capture and recording. Motion detection is very convenient when you want to record with a small amount of disk space. Many motion detector cameras may have an alarm or sound system pre-installed that can be triggered by motion. Some monitoring companies may also provide an e-mail alerting system to warn of intrusion or movement within the monitoring area

Majority of Cameras are manufactured in China and imported back to other countries. Since it is not manufactured in locally so it takes a very long time to understand the needs of local customers. Some are the major concern about the camera are.

  1. Image quality a major concern: – Image quality is clearly a major concern, as an even higher percentage of housing associations that don’t have a CCTV system in place had decided against installing it due to poor image quality. In total, 83% of survey respondents rated the quality of rendered CCTV images as being very important.
  2. Data security and compliance with the Data Protection Act are the next most important concerns, showing that data protection legislation is a big issue for housing associations using CCTV. The areas of least concern included the time-stamping of images, firmware updates and adding additional surveillance cameras. However, there’s no point in having a high-quality image if the time it was recorded is inaccurate, as well as that image being unusable for many purposes such as evidence in criminal investigations. This is another potential breach of the Data Protection Act.
  3. Lack of concern over firmware updates Similarly, and also a Data Protection Act requirement, any lack of concern for firmware updates shows that end users don’t understand the security risks of not implementing updates and patches, in turn leaving systems open to potential hacking episodes as new security threats are being developed all the time.
  4. In the survey surrounding the effectiveness of CCTV – from image quality, secure access and image sharing through to accurate time-stamping – could be addressed by integration with the Internet of Things.
  5. For a CCTV system to serve its purpose, the recordings should be of sufficient quality to identify individuals performing criminal activities and be easily accessible by the police, with the right credentials to be used as evidence, such as accurate time-stamping. It appears that many systems used to protect property, staff or tenants may not be fit for purpose and are breaching data protection legislation, in turn placing companies at risk of fines, bad publicity and even criminal sanctions.
  6. Security Cameras Help Discourage Employee Theft:- Every business owner knows the importance of preventing shoplifting. What they may not know is that most cases of theft actually come from within the organization. Employees know more about a business, and therefore they are often able to steal from the establishment with greater ease than a customer. Security cameras can ensure owners have the video evidence needed to hold workers accountable should this situation occur.
  • Why Security Cameras Are Critical for Malls and Shopping Centres:- Malls and shopping centres can also benefit from security cameras. These areas are usually crowded and busy, making them easy targets for criminals. With the right surveillance equipment in place, even the most bustling commercial area can reduce shrink. Even areas with no products can benefit from having video cameras nearby. Various kinds of accidents can occur in the parking lots of businesses. These can range from fender benders to major collisions. This can cause a business problem, so video recording equipment outside the facility could prove to be a great investment.

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